The Best Korean Gifts

The Best Korean Gifts

The best gifts are the ones that convey some sort of sentiment or emotion. Added nostalgia is a plus. Here are some Korean inspired gifts that we are particularly fond of including some of our own Korean inspired candles.


Koreatown Dreaming

Even before i bought this book i dreamed of a book that could capture the lifestyle of Koreatown. Not necessarily the nightlife that everyone talks about but rather the Koreatown that I remember growing up with. Images of Korean markets, dry cleaners, taekwondo studios, etc. This is a lovely book that does just that.

The Korean Vegan

I remember first getting into tiktok during the pandemic and Joanne Lee Molinaro's tiktok was one of the first that I started following. I had lost my father not too long before and hearing her complicated but heart warming stories of her own family provided me a lot of comfort. She now was a cookbook out and if you have seen her tiktok's you know it's going to be amazing.


Artist Joseph Lee

What can I say about Joseph Lee's art. I had discovered his art even before he was on shows like Beef. The colors, the sentiment and the mood captures life and humanity perfectly. I have 2 prints and hope to one of his paintings one day.




The one is tough for those who live outside of the Los Angeles area but if you are nearby, visit the Namoo plant store on Western and 3rd. I have bought so many plants from this store for myself as well as gifts. Although it's a small space, they have a really nice selection of beautiful plants and as an added bonus, really simple, lovely vases. The owner there is lovely and kind as well.


Of course we need to make a plug for our own products as we feel like they would make great gifts. Our Korean inspired candles were made to bring the sentiment of our families and our culture back into our home and can easily be shared with family and friends. Shop candles here.